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The Next Step Building Project

So what is The Next Step? It’s partly a Capital Campaign to raise funds and awareness to build a new home for New Life Church. But it’s mostly about a dream. It’s a dream of a small group of people, in 2010, who wanted to build a church in Aitkin, MN. They wanted to start a congregation where people could heal, families would be strengthened, and the tenor of the Aitkin community would be enriched. That small group started meeting in the choir room of the high school and they believed that God was looking for people to join in the work of building his kingdom.

Fast forward ten years. New Life Church has grown from that small group of people into a congregation that has called two full-time pastors into service, has a vibrant and LOUD youth ministry, supports the local school district and teachers through the Ripple Effect ministry, has purchased an existing church building and parsonage that has served well as a temporary home, and regularly has 170 people attending two Sunday services. The work of the kingdom is happening every day, and the dream continues to build and gain momentum. 

But sometimes, it seems, the dream comes face-to-face with the reality of real estate. Sometimes, you just need more space. And more counter tops in the kitchen. And more toy bins in the nursery. And more off-street parking. And so we’ve decided to take the next logical step to continue building the dream of furthering the kingdom of God in our community. We’ve purchased land on the southeast side of Aitkin and we’re launching a campaign to fund a building project.

We can see a future where people gather for worship, praise and prayer. We can see a future where hundreds of students meet every week to practice love and support in a world that wants to bully them into submission. We can see a future where single moms can release their kids into the arms of caring adults and just sit for a while. We can see a future where the Aitkin community is welcomed to meet Jesus in comedic dramas, concerts and puppet shows.

This Next Step for New Life Church is only partly about a Capital Campaign to build a church home. It’s mostly about building the dream that becomes a reality in the kingdom of God. How big is your dream? Join us.